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Circulation Stats:
August: 285
September: 4,047
October: 7,138
November: 6,065
December: 2,183

Mrs. Fielder's Class had the most check outs for October.
Mrs. Newberry's class had the most check outs for November.
Mrs. Morrow's class had the most check outs for December.

AR Goals for 2017-2018

Field trip goals for each grade:
1st Grade: 200,000 words
2nd Grade: 400,000 words
3rd Grade: 600,000 words
4th Grade: 800,000 words
5th Grade: 1,000,000 words
In addition to the word goals, students must have an 85% accuracy average.
Upcoming Events
Yearbook Sale will end January 26th!
Six Flags Reading Logs are due in February!

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